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Since our humble beginning in 2003, Globe Assets has become a recognized leader in innovative and creative real estate investment practices. And this has become ever so important in the challenging times we see today. But regardless of the obstacles we face, our core values of providing fast, fair purchase solutions, remains intact.


Globe Assets was founded by Guy E. Gimenez who left a lengthy career in law enforcement in search of the American dream of building a profitable and respected real estate investment firm.

During his policing career, Guy served in a number of capacities including Marine (boating) Division Sergeant, Warrant Officer and Patrol Officer. Guy also spent years as a helicopter pilot for the Dallas Police Department where his responsibilities included aerial support for Secret Service during Presidential visits, search and rescue, felony pursuits, patrol officer assists, training, and participation in community events. Guy is a licensed commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilot.

After leaving the law enforcement arena in 1999, Guy moved into real estate sales and eventually became the owner and managing broker of a firm he started and still runs today. Shortly after beginning his real estate career, he began purchasing distressed real estate, rehabbing these properties and reselling them on the retail market. Guy is still actively involved in the acquisition of properties, often using innovative purchase and sale strategies. Additionally, Guy does speaking engagements, consulting and mentoring of real estate agents and investors across the State of Texas as well as providing real estate related educational products.

Buying Texas Today (dba of CMG Group, LLC) is an Accredited business with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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